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Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Preparedness starts with YOU!

The 72-Hour Club will be an ongoing initiative encouraging residents of East Zorra-Tavistock to better prepare themselves for emergencies.

Show us how you are prepared, share ideas on preparedness through social media and sign up for Keep Me Informed alerts for timely emergency-related information. Build a kit today!

An emergency survival kit can help you and your family survive for up to 72 hours when properly prepared.

Tailor your kits to your family’s need and be sure to maintain your kit by checking its contents regularly and replacing any used or expired items. Ensure your entire family knows where the emergency kit is located.


What do I put in my kit?

Having a kit is just one step to preparedness. Learn more on how to      prepare for specific emergencies by visiting the links listed below. These resources will help you stay safe when an emergency strikes.

 You can also visit our Weather Emergencies page for seasonal hazards and preparedness tips.


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