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Milson Drain 2016 Tender - Due Oct 26th -11am

Posted in the Bids & Tenders page on 10/05/2016 13:56:39 on Wednesday, October 05, 2016.


Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

SEALED TENDERS will be received by Jeff Carswell, Chief Administrative Officer, until

11:00 a.m.. Wednesday.  October 26, 2016

at the Township Office in Hickson, Ontario on the following drainage works, located in part of

Lots 12 & 13, Concession 12 and Lots 11 to 13, Concession 13 (East Zorra Township).

The work includes:

i)  Milson Drain 2016, Main Drain

-   990m of 675mm dia. concrete tile with joint wrap

-   730m of 600mm dia. concrete tile with joint wrap

  *    -     22m of 525mm dia. HOPE pipe across Township gravel road by open cut

  *    -    12m of 600mm dia. HOPE pipe across Townshipc road (culvert)

-   143m of 525mm dia. concrete tile with joint wrap

-   140m of 450mm dia. concrete tile with joint wrap

-   225m of 400mm dia. concrete tile with joint wrap

-   200m of 400mm dia. 24000 concrete tile or 375mm HOPE pipe through deep cut (±3m)

-   21m of 375mm dia. HOPE pipe across former CN Rail line/trail by open cut

  *   -   Four (4) 900 x 1200mm CB's with birdcage grate including 5m2  of riprap

  *   -   One (1) 900 x 1200mm DICB with birdcage grate including 5m 2 of riprap

-   Two (2) 600 x 600mm DICB's with birdcage grate including 3m 2 of riprap

-   One (1) prefabricated 525 x 450 x 375mm dia. HOPE wye joint

-   One (1) 900 x 1200mm JB with concrete lid

-   Approx. 1 ha of clearing and grubbing in various locations

-   Approx. 128m of new farm fence

-   Remove/destroy approx. 2,025m of existing tile as part of new tile items

ii)  Milson  Drain 2016, Kaufman Branch

-   86m of  350mm dia. concrete tile with joint wrap

-   One (1) 600 x 600mm CB with birdcage grate and including 3m2  of riprap

*  Some of these items may be done by the Township of East Zorra-Tavistock with their own forces.  If such are done by the Township, they will be deleted from the contract with no reimbursement.

NOTE: The Township plans to prelocate existing tiles at approximately 1 to 3 locations on each farm, and GPS their locations on October 19, 2016 commencing at approx. 8:00am.  Also at each prelocate trench one part of the excavation will go to design grade. Stony or unstable soil conditions are to be noted. Unstable soil conditions are not expected on this project.  Photographic coverage will be made.  An addendum will then be issued at a minimum of one week prior to the closing date to advise of the findings and any modifications to tile lengths and/or catchbasin design. The detail provided in the Addendum will not eliminate the need to do prelocates prior to actual tile installation,

but will reduce the extent of the prelocates. The Addendum may include copies of notes made, photos taken and advice re tendering due to stony or unstable conditions. All proposed bidders are

encouraged to attend. Bidders are advised to read the Special Provision on Drawing 18 repayment considerations for stony conditions. This Special Provision re Stony Conditions may or may not be modified by the addendum that is to be issued. The contractor is to acknowledge, where required, receipt of any addenda.

THE CONTRACTOR  to supply all Labour, Equipment and Materials.

TENDERS close October 26, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. and will be opened at 11:05 a.m. that day. Tenders may be considered for award November 2, 2016 at the Council Meeting (subject to paragraph 12 on Page A3).

TENDERS must be accompanied by a certified cheque for 10% of the tendered amount. THE LOWEST or any Tender not necessarily accepted.

TENDER FORMS and plans may be obtained at the East Zorra-Tavistock Township office in

Hickson during normal business hours Monday to Friday (Telephone 519-462-2697 or 519-462-2498).

PROJECT ENGINEER K. A. Smart, P. Eng., (K. Smart Associates Ltd.) 519-748-1199, ext 224.

For more information or to request a tender please contact Connor Occleston - Building Inspector/Drainage Coordinator. coccleston@ezt.ca Ph: 519-462-2697 ext. 231

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