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Tender Call: Facey Drain 2018

Posted in the Bids & Tenders page on 09/04/2018 15:00:00 on Tuesday, September 04, 2018.



Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

SEALED TENDERS will be received by Ruth Coursey, lnterim Chief Administrative Officer, until

12:00 noon, Wednesday, September 12,2018

at the Township Office in Hickson, Ontario on the following drainage works, located in part of Lots 29 to 31, Concession 17 and Lots 27 & 29, Concession 18 (East Zorra Township).

The work includes:

  1. Facey Drain 2018. Main Drain
      - Remove and dispose of existing 1100mm dia. CSP laneway culvert and restore banks

      - One (1) straw bale dam/sediment trap

      - 120m of ditch cleanout including brushing and hauling

      - One (1) 10m x 8m x 1 .2m deep permanent splash (stilling) pool including brushing and hauling

         of material

      - 6m of 750mm dia. HDPE pipe with rodent gate at outlet

      - 41m of 750mm dia. concrete tile with joint wrap

*     - 25m of 750mm dia. HDPE across 18th Line by open cut and restore road

*     - One (1)900 x'1200mm concrete CB and one ('1)900 x 1200mm concrete DICB at 18th Line


      - 6m of 750mm dia. HDPE 320 kpa solid pipe across laneway with restoration

      - 8m of 600mm dia. HDPE pipe across laneway with restoration

      - 1,006m of 675mm dia. concrete tile with joint wrap

      - 159m of 600mm dia. concrete tile with joint wrap

*     - 23m of 600mm dia. HDPE (Series 320 pipe) across Maplewood Sideroad by open cut and

         restore road

*     - Two (2) 900 x 1200mm concrete DICB's at Maplewood Sideroad crossing

      - 653m of 525mm dia. concrete tile with joint wrap

      - Two (2) other 900 x 1200mm concrete CB's with flat top, birdcage grate & 2m2 riprap

      - One (1) other 900 x 1200mm concrete DICB with birdcage grate, 5m2 riprap and berm


      - Remove/destroy approx. 1,920m of existing drain as part of new drain work

  1. 18th Line Work
*     - Clean/deepen 156m of west road ditch and haul spoil

*     - Reseed when done

*     - Remove existing laneway culverts and replace with twin 12m lengths of 600mm dia. HDPE

        (Series 320 Solid) pipes

*     - 5m2 of riprap on filter at culverts at each side of lane

*     Some of these items may be done by the Township of East Zorra-Tavistock with their own forces

      lf such are done by the Township, they will be deleted from the contract with no reimbursement.

THE CONTRACTOR to supply all Labour, Equipment and Materials.

TENDERS close September 12, 2018 at 12:00 noon and will be opened later that day.

Tenders may be considered for award September 19,2018 at the Council Meeting.

TENDERS must be accompanied by a certified cheque for 10o/o of the tendered amount

THE LOWEST or any Tender not necessarily accepted.

TENDER FORMS and plans may be obtained at the East Zorra-Tavistock Township office in Hickson during normal business hours Monday to Friday (Telephone 519-462-2697 or 519-462-2498).

PROJECT ENGINEER K. A. Smart, P. Eng., (K. Smart Associates Ltd.) 519-748-1199, ext 224 and Ray Roscovich, P.Eng., (K. Smart Associates Ltd.) 519-748-1199, ext 248.

For more information or to request a tender please contact Connor Occleston – Building Inspector/Drainage Coordinator. Ph: 519-462-2697 ext. 231

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